Hi Jason,

Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you’ve had some success with CabWriter so far. The issues you bring up are good ones; we do know that we have some gaps to fill in the CNC/DXF Export area. This is good feedback to help us determine the grand strategy that we need to take in a future release. Our plans are to do an initial release with the DXF stuff basically as it is, then to really analyze what we need to do in this area and make the changes to get it right in “version 2.0” so to speak. Since this will be a pretty major enhancement, we don’t want to hold up the initial release. We want to not only cover what you are talking about, but also to support dado and rabbet construction methods, amongst others, and be able to export that geometry properly to the DXF as well.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things you can do to get around the problems you are seeing to to some degree. Some of what we are dealing with is limitations within SketchUp. For example, you are correct, we don’t really have a way to detect when you draw a circle on the surface of a part, so you need to get into component edit mode and punch a hole in the part. Right now, we are assuming that if the hole goes all the way through, it’s a Construction Hole and if it only goes part way through, it’s a System Hole and they show up on the corresponding layers. So, you’re also right that if you put a large circular hole in a part and it went all the way through, for example, it would show up on the Construction Hole layer. Of course, that is not helpful because you wouldn’t be using a drill bit to drill the hole, you’d be cutting it out with a different bit. We need to think about how we handle those cases in the future, so we appreciate you bringing it up; we’ll make sure it’s covered in anything new we add. For now, as long as you punch the hole some depth into the part, it’ll show up on the DXF, but not on the layer you want. I’m not sure if a rectangle will show up or not, it might only be circles. What you could do is go into VCarve Pro, import the DXF, create the layers you want, and manually move those few geometries onto the appropriate layers. I realize it’s not optimal, but it’s all we can do at this point.

Let me know if this addresses your concerns, at least in the short term, until we can add some new features in a future release. We want to make sure we architect a solution that works for many different situations and not just patch a hole.

Thanks again for the input,