Hi Matt,

I think we have to look at what exists now and how many steps it takes to accomplish the same thing and then prioritize what efficiency improvments can be made. Right now the steps are:

1. Select a part with the Select tool.
2. Right click and choose CabWriter > Select Sub-Assembly > Face Frame (or other sub-assembly)
3.Right click and choose Unlock (or Lock)

Your approach would add four more categories to the right click and choose CabWriter sub-menu. It would save Step 3 above. My concern is that as the context menus/sub-menus get long, they loose efficiency because you are left to ‘hunt’ for the selection you want and can slow things down a lot. See the attached image of the context menu as it exists now. Adding 4 or more items to the CabWriter sub-menu is getting into that area of inefficiency. This is why I think it mare be more efficient to have a toolbar that is customize-able by the user. If a user thinks that locking/unlocking sub-assemblies is something they do often then they can burden their toolbar with the icon. Others can leave it off and use the three steps above. Burdening all users with a very long context menu would be counterproductive I think.

I too would like to hear from others.


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