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From Imagination, to Computer, to Wood…

Since it was first introduced, SketchUp has helped thousands of woodworkers create and perfect their furniture designs before the first piece of expensive wood is cut. In this course, Joe Zeh, an expert in Sketchup and Computer Aided Design (CAD) shows you how easy and versatile SketchUp is to use for your woodworking projects.

The most effective way to learn SketchUp is by drawing a project from beginning to end using a wide variety of tools and techniques. In this course, you’ll do just that by following along and drawing the bedside table you see to the left, including rendering it with real wood grain.

Below are a number of documents to download prior to starting the class. Make sure to store them in a folder on your computer where you’ll be able to find them when you need them. The first lesson has additional documents and tools for you to download prior to watching the lesson video; remaining lessons will consist of just a video, but will reference documents and tools that you previously downloaded. All lessons have a quiz that you can take if you would like to test yourself on what you’ve just learned.

While we are using SketchUp 2014 as the basis for this class, all of the techniques will work with SketchUp Make or Pro 2015, 2016, or 2017 as well. There is an optional lesson at the end of the course where you can learn about the updates and differences in the later versions of SketchUp.

At the end of this page is a link to the forum for this class where you can leave questions for the instructor or any comments you may have. You can also leave comments at the bottom of each lesson page.

Enjoy the class!

Course Materials (Please download prior to starting the class):

So, what is SketchUp?    (Overview of the SketchUp program)

Mac Help File  (Help file for Mac users explaining some of the differences between the Mac and PC versions of SketchUp

SketchUp FAQ  (Answers to common SketchUp related questions)

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