Construction Methods

CabWriter supports an extremely wide variety of construction methods. Whether you build full face frame cabinets with inset or overlay doors, a pure frameless design, or something in-between, we have you covered.

You Have Choices…

With over 400 different parameters, you have the freedom to setup CabWriter to draw cabinets that exactly match your specifications. Even better, every cabinet you draw can have a different construction method, allowing you create your own personal cabinet library over time. CabWriter stores the parameter settings used to draw a cabinet along with the cabinet itself; we call it the cabinet’s “DNA” which can be retrieved at any time allowing you to easily draw another cabinet using the same construction method.

New in CabWriter 5: Now you can add mid-rails to doors and end panels on divided and refrigerator cabinets, make the rails on top drawers a different width than other drawers, choose whether your construction holes are partial or through hole, create one piece shaker flat panel doors, and more.

A small sampling of what can be specified is shown at right…

Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Panels

  • Frame and Flat Panel
  • Slab
  • Cope and Stick (Pro Only)
  • Raised Panel (Pro Only)
  • One Piece Shaker Flat Panel (Pro+CNC Only)

Carcass Construction

  • Butt Joints
  • Planted Backs
  • Through and Blind Dado/Rabbet (Pro Only)
  • Qualified Tenons (Pro Only)
  • Captured Backs (Pro Only)

And More…

  • Inset or Overlay Doors
  • Selective Hole Drilling for Hinges, Drawer Slides, and Shelf Pins
  • Support for the 32mm System
  • Specify Material Type for Each Sub-Assembly