CabWriter Comprehensive – Part 2

After downloading the 30-day trial of CabWriter and using it for a few hours someone wrote us with this feedback:

“I have uninstalled. After over 3 hours of trying to draw even one cabinet. Your UI and methodology (in software design) is extremely counterintuitive. I wish you well nonetheless.”

Drawers Tab of the CabWriter Settings Dialog Box

Drawers Tab of the CabWriter Settings Dialog Box

Please, please, please do not spend your valuable time getting frustrated. We are here to help. We answer all forum questions and emails. We prefer you post question to our forum because then a larger audience can benefit from your question and our response. However, if you prefer, email works too. My email address is Either way Greg or I will get back to you.

CabWriter is easy and we believe intuitive. But we understand that something very simple may stand in the way of understanding how to use it. This feedback was very timely and as I write this Part 2 of CabWriter Comprehensive and create the video I am going to show you just how quickly and easily you can begin drawing custom cabinets. But then I am going to slow it down and explain each step in detail.

In this Part 2 I will draw a three box cabinet. Then I will explain how the Story Stick is used and how to decipher the stile types. I will also give you a tour of the CabWriter Settings dialog box which holds all the parameters that define the construction of the cabinets CabWriter draws. This will set us up for a much faster pace starting in Part 3.