CabWriter 4 continues our tradition of offering enterprise level capabilities at entry level prices AND adds a number of very powerful new features to make you even more efficient.

Now you can optimize your plywood right from CabWriter! While we still support exporting to Cutlist Plus fx, you can now optimize for manual cutting on a panel saw – or with CabWriter CNC, export optimized and nested DXF sheets to your CAM software, right from Cabwriter. Combined with advanced layer naming options that give you control over the layer names presented to the CAM software, additional reporting, and more label printing options, you’ll have a truly powerful one-stop shop for your production needs.

Another major new feature is the ability to draw drawer boxes with your choice of five construction methods; in the past, CabWriter drew a cube representing the size of the box, but not the individual parts. With CabWriter 4, you’ll be able to draw the drawer boxes as you build them, with each of the parts appearing on the cutlist and/or in the DXF files, allowing for CNC cutting of the drawer parts.

With additional flexibility for a wider variety of construction methods, support for edge banding slab doors and drawer fronts and more, CabWriter remains your go-to tool for custom cabinet design…

New in Version 4

  • Create sheet good cutting diagrams for your saw from within all versions of CabWriter. Optimize for rips, crosscuts, or best yield with complete control over spacing between parts. Print your diagrams and start cutting within minutes of finishing your design.

  • Create optimized DXF files for your sheet good parts intended for the CNC. Specify your sheet size(s), cutting bit size and clearances, and CabWriter will generate a DXF file for each sheet with the most efficient part layout possible, all sorted by material type, ready to have tool paths applied by your favorite CAM software. (Pro+CNC Only).

  • Draw Drawer Box Parts

    Draw drawer boxes, part by part, using any one of five construction methods. New parameters control the details of the box construction and all parts will show up on the cutlist (Pro Only), and/or if they’re designated as sheet good parts, also in the DXF files to enable CNC cutting (CNC Only).

  • Edgebanding Support for Doors and Drawer Fronts

    Draw your sheet good slab doors and drawer fronts with edge banding (Pro Only) so that parts show up in the DXF files correctly sized (CNC Only).

  • New Label Printing Options

    Added support for an additional 2″ x 4″ label size (Avery 5163) with up to 10 lines of information. Also added Project Name and banding info as an option on all label sizes plus  the ability to print labels in the order the parts are placed on optimized sheets, making it much quicker to find the right label.

  • New Construction Options

    Many new options including sink cabinets with or without rear stretcher and the option of a vertical front stretcher, upper cabinets with inset top or vertically extended sides, and with more control over gaps on all cabinets.

  • Advanced DXF Layer Naming

    More control over the layer names in the DXF file, allowing you to encode information in the layer names to enable automatic tool path creation in a number of CAM software packages (Pro+CNC Only).

  • Additional Reporting Options

    The new Stile and Rail Report sorts the FF and door stile and rails into a rip schedule showing the total linear feet for each thickness/width combination, and a cross cut schedule showing the number of parts for each thickness/width/length combination plus the total board feet needed for each solid wood species. CSV format allows for export to automatic material positioning systems such as Tigerstop or Razorgage. (Pro Only)

  • Faster Production Documentation Generation

    Generate production reports up to 35% faster.

  • Many More Improvements and Fixes!