CabWriter 2.0 License Upgrade Instructions

Below are the instructions necessary to upgrade your CabWriter license(s) from version 1.x to version 2.0. You will need to do this process for all version 1.x licenses that you own. Note that your license key will not change, but it will no longer work for version 1.x products, it will only be valid for version 2.x products only. After downloading the new version 2.0 software, you will need to re-enter your license key(s) in order to get started.

Go to your account page on the CabWriter website. Make sure you log in first, then click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner of the website.

View the details of your license. Click on “View Licenses”. You will do the remaining steps for each CabWriter version 1.x license that you own. For example, if you own both a Pro and CNC license, you’ll have entry for each of those licenses.

Click on “View Upgrades”

Click on “Upgrade License” to start the upgrade process. The upgrade cost should be $0.00.

Start the Checkout process. You will be going through the full checkout process even though the cost is free.  Make sure your personal information is correct, that the cost is $0.00, and answer all the questions and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Complete the purchase. Click the “Free Download” button to complete the transaction.

Download the version 2.0 software. The last screen is a purchase summary showing the product you’ve upgraded to. Click the link to download the latest software if you haven’t already done so. Make sure to repeat this process for all of your CabWriter 1.x licenses. You will also receive an email with a summary of the transaction and a download link. You can always access your license information from your “My Account” page.