Help Us Create CabWriter Version 2.0!

We are currently looking for woodworkers willing to help us refine and test the next major revision of CabWriter, currently targeted for next summer. By participating, you will not only be able to help shape the next version of CabWriter by giving us feedback on what features are important to you, but you will also have free access to the beta test software during the testing period. All we ask is that you take the time to use the new versions and give us feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

To participate in this program, simply fill out and submit the form below and we’ll send you an email letting you know that you’ve been accepted into the program. To qualify, you must already own a CabWriter license, or have downloaded and installed the free 30 day trial software. The Beta software will not have a 30 day expiration date, but will expire when version 2.0 is released.

If you have looked at CabWriter in the past and it didn’t meet your needs, or already own it but are looking for more capability, now is your opportunity to help shape the future. We are very excited about this effort because we believe CabWriter already offers an amazing value for any cabinetmaker, large or small, but also recognize that there is more we can do to make it even better with your help.

Below are some of the planned features we already have on the list; please let us know if you have other requests. We can’t guarantee that every request will be implemented in this next release, but we will be sure to add it to the list for future consideration.

Any active beta tester who owns a valid CabWriter 1.x license prior to the CabWriter 2.0 release date will qualify for a free CabWriter 2.0 update.

Planned Features:

  • More complete frameless implementation including support for basic edge banding, automatic drawing of end panels, and numerous other improvements. Our goal is to make version 2.0 a complete solution for frameless construction.
  • Support for dado/rabbet and tongue and groove carcass construction, including captured backs. This includes support for qualified rabbets and dados that will automatically compensate the joinery and cutlist based on actual plywood thickness.
  • CabWriter CNC will add support for dados, rabbets, and tongue and groove to the DXF support so the joinery can be cut on a CNC.
  • Ability to add cutouts to carcass parts that can be exported to DXF.
  • Support for multi-height cabinets, such as over a range to accommodate a range hood.
  • Numerous smaller feature additions.

* Note that the above features are currently in the planning or early implementation stages and could change or be deleted based on new information as we move forward.

I want to be a CabWriter 2.0 Beta Tester